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7 free pattern drafting softwares

7 Free pattern making software for the beginner


In this article, we will discuss 7 free pattern-making software programs and explore some popular choices

Pattern making has traditionally been done by hand.

But with the rise of digital technology, there are now numerous online software options available.

free pattern-making software for the beginner


learning to use these tools can revolutionize your pattern-making process.

Let’s dive into the world of digital pattern making and discover the possibilities it offers.

Benefits of Digital Pattern Making:

In today’s digital era, there are compelling reasons to embrace digital pattern making software.

While manual pattern making requires extensive learning and patience, using computer-aided design (CAD) software can streamline the process and enhance precision.

By adopting digital tools, you can simplify your pattern-making journey and bring efficiency to your sewing projects.

Let’s explore some of the free pattern making software options available online.

Wild Ginger Free Pattern making Software:

Wild things
Wild things

One notable software for pattern making is Wild Ginger.

Although it does not offer a free CAD pattern making software, it provides free resources such as handbag patterns, hat patterns, accessories, and even medical wear patterns.

This software is particularly useful for medical lab scientists and those looking for ready-to-use patterns.

By visiting their website, you can access a gallery of downloadable patterns to assist you in creating various items like handbags.

While their CAD software may be expensive, Wild Ginger’s free resources are worth exploring, especially when combined with other pattern-making tools.



While some may not consider Inkscape as a dedicated pattern making software, it is a free and versatile tool that can aid in CAD designing.

Inkscape offers a range of features for object manipulation, stroke operations, and path editing.

Although it may take some time to familiarize yourself with Inkscape, it serves as an excellent platform to learn CAD designing from scratch.

By watching instructional videos and understanding its various functions, you can harness the power of Inkscape to create intricate designs.

Pattern Maker Pro is a completely free pattern-making software

pattern maker pro free pattern making software
pattern maker pro free pattern making software

This software is a true gem for pattern making enthusiasts. This is what I use for my pattern drafting.

This completly free online pattern making software offers a comprehensive range of features typically found in premium software systems.

By registering with your email, you gain access to a vast catalog of patterns suitable for both real-world sewing and marvelous designer projects.

Unlike other softwares, Pattern Maker Pro is entirely free, making it an attractive choice for those on a tight budget.

Additionally, Fearless Makers the owners of the software provides a detailed manual and an active forum where you can find answers to your queries.


Valentina is a well-known and completely free pattern making software.

With a simple download, you can start using Valentina on your computer.

While it may require some learning to utilize the software effectively, Valentina provides an open-source platform for drawing and adjusting basic blocks.

Through online tutorials and videos, you can gain a deeper understanding of Valentina’s capabilities and create patterns tailored to your preferences.

Seamly2D is a free online pattern-making software.

seamly 2D
seamly 2D

Seamly2D, formerly known as Valentina, is an open-source pattern-making software that empowers users to create custom patterns with precision and ease.

This software offers an array of advanced features, including curve drawing, measurement input, and pattern transformation.

Seamly2D employs a parametric approach, allowing you to modify patterns by adjusting measurements and variables, ensuring a perfect fit every time.

With its intuitive interface and comprehensive documentation, Seamly2D is a valuable tool for both beginners and experienced pattern makers.

Simile2D is another free online pattern making software that deserves attention. With a user-friendly interface, Simile2D allows you to download and utilize the software without any cost.

What sets it apart is its dedicated forum, where you can find answers to common questions and connect with other pattern makers.

By browsing through the forum’s extensive knowledge base, you can enhance your understanding of Simile2D and make the most of its features.



While not entirely free, Tailornova offers a cost-effective solution for pattern making. With affordable monthly plans, this software simplifies the CAD process and generates patterns automatically based on your measurements.

Tailornova even provides a visual mock-up of how the dress will look on you.

This feature is particularly helpful for those who prefer a hassle-free approach to pattern making.

Tailornova’s pricing options make it accessible to professionals interested in selling their patterns as PDFs, further expanding their creative possibilities.

Sewist-free pattern-drafting software:

Sewist free pattern making software
Sewist free pattern making software

Sewist has been around for a long time.

It is not entirly free.

but considering that your can create and download your very own pattern design for under $3 ,I think it is worth trying it out.

If you want a completly hassly free way of pattern drafting as a beginner,Sewist is your best bet.

Sewist Software is a robust and feature-rich program designed specifically for beginner pattern makers.

It provides a comprehensive suite of tools and functionalities to create intricate patterns with utmost precision. This software excels in its ability to digitize pattern drafting.

Sewist Software also offers powerful pattern manipulation features, such as rotational symmetry, pattern merging, and dart manipulation.

With its intuitive interface and extensive library of pattern elements, Sewist Software empowers you to create complex and tailored patterns effortlessly.


The world of free pattern making software online presents a wealth of opportunities for sewing enthusiasts and professionals alike.

By embracing digital tools, you can streamline the pattern-making process, enhance precision, and unleash your creativity.

Whether you choose Wild Ginger Software, Inkscape, Pattern Maker Pro, Valentina, Simile2D, or Tailornova, each software offers unique features to cater to your pattern-making needs. Take the time to explore these options, watch instructional videos, and refer to user manuals to maximize the potential of these tools.

Embrace the digital revolution in pattern making and elevate your sewing projects to new heights.

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